psychiatric services in denton, tx

Types of Professionals Specializing in Mental Health

There is a lot of confusion about the mental health world and who you should go to for treatment. Many people do not know that a psychiatrist is different from a psychologist, which can make finding professional help troublesome. Let’s dive into types of professionals you can see that specialize in mental health.

psychiatric services in denton, tx


A psychologist is often confused with a psychiatrist, but the two professional fields differ in a very key way: psychologists cannot prescribe medications to patients. A psychologist is trained in evaluating an individual’s mental health status using interviews, test methods, and psychological evaluations. They diagnose mental health conditions and can provide both individual therapy and group therapy to patients.

Counselors, Therapists, & Clinicians

A counselor, therapist, and clinician are all trained in evaluating the mental health of an individual. They can provide therapy using a variety of techniques, which are based on the specific programs they have trained in. Their job titles may be different depending on where you go, but you will be able to get the help you need from any one of these professionals.


Psychiatrists are medical professionals that have completed a thorough program in psychiatric training. They are able to diagnose mental disorders and conditions and are able to prescribe medication to patients. Professionals providing psychiatric services in denton, tx can also provide therapy to individuals and some are trained to work with children or adolescents.

These are just three of the different kinds of professionals you can get assistance and treatment from when you are dealing with mental health conditions of all kinds. Knowing the difference between a counselor, psychiatrist, and psychologist can lead to less confusion when you are looking for a mental health professional. Speak with a mental health representative to learn even more about types of mental health professionals.