hernia surgeon mt. pleasant

What Does Hernia Surgeon Do?

hernia surgeon mt. pleasant

The specialist hernia surgeon generally needs to carry out two repair procedures. On the one hand, the hernia surgeon mt. pleasant patients will be seen to, could be performing the traditional or open hernia repair procedure. And on the other, he could be carrying out laparoscopic hernia repairs. Both these procedures appear to be quite common, if and when the hernia symptoms are acutely diagnosed.

During traditional hernia repairs, the surgeon will be cutting the patient’s skin open. The hernia will then be repaired through an opening that is usually a few inches long. But the laparoscopic procedure tends to be less invasive. It is here that the surgeon will be making a few small holes in the skin. The laparoscope is inserted through these holes. These days, hernia repairs do not require overnight hospitalization.

A variety of hernias are possible, but the most commonly diagnosed hernia happens when part of the intestine or a portion of fat appears through a weak area within the muscular abdominal wall. This tends to cause an abnormal bulge directly under the skin. This bulge would usually appear near the groin or navel. It is observed that it is mostly the men that will develop what are known as groin hernias.

This is usually because men have a small hole through the abdominal wall in the groin. It is here where a cord to the testicle will pass through. If such a hole expands abnormally, it could very well lead to a hernia. Symptoms of the hernia could be felt painfully or with a bit of pressure. But it is also possible that it manifests as no more than a painless lump. Over time, hernias generally grow in size but will never go away.