green janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA

What To Expect From Green Janitor

You could expect green janitor to be wearing green uniform. But no. It cannot be that because what will the chosen color of green janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA be? What if it is part of a countrywide franchise movement? Don’t they all have their own uniform color codes that makes them recognisable brands?

Well, enough of that for now. This article is about actions. It is about the old code that says actions speak louder than words. Or is it colors? The point is.

green janitorial services in Pittsburgh, PA

There’s a reason why this janitor decided to go green. It’s in the actions, you see. Everything he touches, going forward, will eventually turn to green. Why is this? Well, for one thing, the work that he does contributes towards the cleaning up of the natural environment. And it may as well contribute towards the greening up of the environment as well.

Well, why not? Why not kill two birds with one stone, although he won’t be doing that literally. But speaking of the birds, who is to say that a green janitor can’t be helping up and around in the garden, the green garden, as well.

While he’s busy raking up the autumn leaves, why not fix up a bird house as well. Because it becomes a great attraction for the birds come spring and summer time. Although there will always be space enough for one bird family only.

But other times not. The birdhouse is like a halfway house for all the feathered travellers. And while they’ve all been resting up in this fabulous little wooden house, they’ve been spreading their seeds. Well, not their seeds.

The seeds of the flowers, helping them to pollinate and grow still more beautiful, to flourish and nourish.